Our strong foundation:
Real estate.

Building value on a secure foundation: zwei.7 is a real estate investment and property management firm headquartered in Osnabrück. We make long-term investments in properties located in mid-sized cities throughout Germany, regularly broadening our portfolio of commercial and multifamily residential properties in carefully selected regions.

We believe in active, long-term,
value-oriented portfolio
management, guided and driven
by attentive asset management
and responsible facility management.

Our focus and strategy

At the core of our work is the acquisition and active management of real estate. We particularly focus on Germany’s domestic real estate market. Our activities serve the goal of investing in properties that demonstrate the potential of long-lasting value growth facilitated by our internal asset management, while also generating a consistent income.

How we invest

We concentrate our investment in multifamily residential properties, commercial properties for the service industry, and owner-managed properties (nursing homes, serviced apartments). Such properties are in good condition, in locations that offer development potential. In addition to existing properties, our investment strategy also includes project development. External investors have the opportunity to jointly invest in project-development companies via club deals.


Our investors

Our investors come from a group of wealthy individuals that we support throughout the investment life cycle to obtain the best possible return on their investment – from analysis, to acquisition, management, controlling, and ultimately sale.


Our acquisition profile

We are continuously on the search for attractive investment opportunities.

Our track record demonstrates the ability of our agile, perceptive team to complete professional, thorough acquisitions in a very brief timespan. Feel free to contact us for more information.
We look forward to hearing about more exciting stories at info@zweipunkt7.com.


Core Plus,
Value Add,

Purchasing structure

Asset Deal,
Share Deal

Investment volume

€ 5-50 million
per property

Asset classes

Multifamily residential,
commercial, vacant land,
owner-managed properties
(furnished apartments/
assisted living)




Urban and suburban
areas with good public
transit connections

Our activities

As a comprehensive real estate asset manager, we recognize the potential of a property, and design and execute tailor-made solutions that encompass the entire life cycle of the investment. With our perceptive business acumen, our wide-ranging network, and our years of expertise, we bring real estate values to light.

Transaction Management

  • Identification of sound investment opportunities
  • Guidance during transactions (purchase and sale)
  • Market analysis to determine the optimal date of sale
  • Transaction management, including the selection and oversight of external partners
  • Acquisition of outside capital

Asset Management

  • Founding, administration, and management of special-purpose vehicles (SPVs)
  • Strategic and operational asset management
  • Development and implementation of strategy at the asset and portfolio levels
  • Research
  • Investment and performance calculation
  • In-house controlling and reporting
  • Oversight of property management
  • Real estate repositioning, including renovation work
  • Supervision of renovation and modernization work
  • Active facility management
  • Occupancy and management optimization
  • Life cycle analysis (LCA) and long-term budget planning

Property Management

  • Active oversight and coordination of property management
  • Optimization, management, and operations

Tenant Management

  • Tenant and rental strategies at the asset level
  • Research-based tenancy estimates
  • Optimization of tenant and leasing structure (Optimization of new current contracts)
  • Selection and oversight of external – generally local – leasing partners

Technical Management

  • Project management of complex cap-ex processes such as renovation, modernization, and refurbishment, as well as new construction
  • Technical management with respect to maintenance and repairs
  • Life-cycle budget planning
  • Assumption of responsibility for operations

Project Development

  • Site analysis and feasibility studies
  • Concept and strategy development
  • Formation and assessment of business plans
  • Acquisition/authorization of zoning and construction permits
  • Project development management

Financial Management

  • Liquidity management
  • Mortgage and outside capital management
  • Preparation of regularly mandated financial statements, including oversight of tax consulting and auditing firms
  • Accounts payable and receivable at the property as well as the SPV level
Our partners & networks
Jörg Hänscheid

Jörg Hänscheid


Karla Rethmann

Karla Rethmann

Portfolio Manager

Anja Brors

Anja Brors

Portfolio Manager