Kreuzberger Ring 64,
65205 Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden, Hesse’s capital, is the second-largest city in the state with a population of 290,000 and with 26 different hot springs, one of Europe’s oldest spa towns. Located in the Rhein-Main Metropolitan Region, Wiesbaden is an attractive city to live in as well as to work in – cosmopolitan and dynamic, traditional and yet innovative. This makes it one of the most prosperous and promising cities in Germany.

The Complex

This commercial property dating from 1993 is located in a well-established location for offices, the “Kreuzberger Ring,” located in the Erbenheim neighborhood. 3,194 m2 (approx. 34,400 sq. ft) of total available rental space is distributed across four aboveground floors plus roof terrace, and two subbasement floors including 69 underground parking spaces; 7 additional spaces are located on the property. The façade is composed of glass and stone; external blinds and aluminum windows add to the property value. The interior is characterized by a light, modern design, exemplified by the recently refurbished foyer.

The Tenant Mix

The anchor tenant of this attractive property on Kreuzberger Ring is a major German sports association and one of its affiliates. In addition, an accounting firm is located on the property.

The Microlocation

This modern office building is located on the “Kreuzberger Ring,” a well-known location for office space in Wiesbaden’s Erbenheim neighborhood, only about 500 m from the “Wiesbaden Erbenheim” offramp of the A66 autobahn. 5 km southeast of downtown Wiesbaden, Erbenheim is a neighborhood that is attractive both for the 10,000 residents that make their home there and for the many businesses that enjoy its close connection to the autobahn.

The main train station and the downtown are only a few minutes away on the four-lane Berliner Straße (B 455). Three bus lines serve the neighborhood, connecting it with downtown and the main train station.

Building features and amenities

The reception area of this property is contemporary yet elegant. All floors can be reached via elevator, and the office area include kitchenettes and high-quality carpeting; CAT-5 wiring is also installed throughout the building.