Am Schürholz 6,
49078 Osnabrück

Osnabrück is growing, and it is not only the official population statistics that show that more and more people are calling this city home. Surrounded by the largest natural park in northern Germany, and with its historical downtown, its outstanding educational institutions, and its low unemployment rate, Osnabrück is clearly a vibrant place to be. The economy also benefits from outstanding infrastructure, Osnabrück’s location makes the city an excellent base to enter new markets.
Successful industrial companies and a wide range of SMEs producing for every sector of the market – from copper roofing materials to ice cream, from photopaper to elevators to pralines – all these demonstrate Osnabrück’s economic prowess.

The Complex

The “ASH6” building is a logistics center with a spacious office area. Total usable area amounts to 11,000 m2 (118,400 sq. ft) with approx. 120 outdoor parking spaces.
The warehousing and office sections of the building were constructed in 1991; in 2001, a refrigerated area was added. A complete gutting and renovation of the building took place in 2011.

The Tenant Mix

The tenants of ASH6 are in the logistics and wholesaling sectors, as well as a payment and collections agency. The complex is also the site of Osnabrück’s first trampoline park.
Building 2 comprises seven rental units, which are currently being used for a restaurant, a publishing house of children’s books, an educational institution, and an art gallery.

The Microlocation

This commercial property is located in Osnabrück’s Hellern neighborhood, and is directly adjacent to the local IKEA. Located at the intersection of three autobahns, close to downtown, and easily accessible by public transit, the location of the complex is excellent. And if occasionally things have to move faster, the Osnabrück main train station, with regular ICE and IC train service as well as numerous local, regional, and long-distance services, is only 15 minutes away.
Münster/Osnabrück International Airport is only 30 minutes away. Osnabrück is also connected to the Mittelland Canal via the Osnabrück Canal; this makes it an important transshipment hub in Germany’s northwest.

Building features and amenities

The property was completely gutted and remodeled in 2011. The high quality of the remodel is quickly apparent in the selection of materials for the floors, the fixtures, and the custom-made glass elements, as well as in the sound-absorbing ceiling panels.
Wiring for IT and communications (CAT-5 and faster) as well as a dedicated server room with pre-installed server racks make it possible to conduct a rapid relocation to the property.
The building, with its office and warehousing spaces, is sited on the lot in such a way that future expansion of the buildings onto unimproved space on the lot can take place.