Values we have brought to life.


With an investment in the energy drink producer LevlUp, zwei.7 further diversified and expanded its equity portfolio. Since its formation in May 2018, the Göttingen-based company has been able to post eight-digit revenue figures with “Booster,” a drink developed especially for the demands of gamers.

Mertenshof Bonn

After successful planning and construction, the zwei.7 family equity division sold the Wohnquartier Mertenshof, located in Bonn, to an institutional fund managed by the Corestate Group. The contract was finalized on 1 September 2021.


In February 2020, zwei.7 acquired a stake in the Ossenberg/Kowsky Group – Germany’s leading producer of walking and mobility aids. The implementation of an advisory board will assist the company to make it even more successful.