Our evolution

Achievements as entrepreneur

Karsten Wulf, owner of the zwei.7 Group, took his first steps as an entrepreneur while still at school, founding Microchip GbR (hard and software trading) and a service/repair business for Commodore computers as early as 1989. His greatest success as an entrepreneur was in 1993, when he set up the buw Group in Osnabrück while completing a degree in business management. Armed with just 1,000 DM in seed capital and plenty of entrepreneurial passion, he built one of the biggest customer care/BPO providers in Europe. The buw Group reported revenues of €161 million in 2016, employing a workforce of 6,000 in Germany, Romania and Hungary. Karsten Wulf has been honoured with numerous accolades, among them Entrepreneur of the Year, second fastest-growing company in Europe, and TOP Job Employer.

Foundation of zwei.7

The buw Group’s rapid expansion led to the opening of numerous new office locations, but always as a tenant. In 2012, the company had the opportunity to purchase its building in Leipzig, home to its largest branch. Real estate specialist Jörg Hänscheid, who joined buw in 2011, arranged the contact, as he had looked after the property as portfolio manager for a real estate trading firm in Düsseldorf. The decision to purchase the 22,000 m2 building was the next logical step.

A family holiday to the Antarctic in 2016 inspired Karsten Wulf to seek new challenges. Fascinated by the blue glow of the icebergs, he decided it was time to move on from the buw Group. The same year, Karsten Wulf and his partner Jens Bormann sold the company to a listed multinational from the United States. Ever since then he has associated this decision with the blue light of the icy giants, produced when sunlight strikes their surface. The energy released by this process has a measurable value of 2.7 electron-volts, which gave the new company its name. Like sunlight melting the ice, zwei.7 is determined to make assets glow to the delight of their investors.

Five values, one company philosophy:


Our enthusiasm is contagious. Each day it drives us to achieve our goals with dedication, agility and pleasure.


Mediocrity is not our thing. We set ourselves lofty targets and are always willing to go that extra mile. Being an also-ran is not enough; we want to be number one.


Our outstanding performance comes from independent, authentic actions, which we foster and support.


Only as a strong team can we achieve the best results for our investors. Here, we nurture a spirit of open, collegial, transparent and constructive collaboration.


We treat everyone we meet with respect and trust, acknowledging and rewarding exceptional achievements. We believe in open criticism as a means of continuous improvement.

The people behind zwei.7

Karsten Wulf

Ambitious mountain bike tours are Karsten’s great passion. In 2014, he successfully completed the Craft Trans Alp race from Obersdorf to Lake Garda.

Managing Partner

Olaf Bock

Since his youth, Olaf has been thrilled by the great stage. Whether progressive or classic genres, he leaves everything behind for good theatre.

Chief Executive Officer

Jörg Hänscheid

Jörg discovered his passion fur surfing while studying in Australia. Since then it has set the tone for his holidays and excursions. His respect and love for the sea keeps pulling him back onto the surfboard.

Chief Executive Officer

Norbert Früchtl

From the icy Antarctica to the mountain gorillas in Rwanda: Norbert loves traveling and discovering with his family.

Chief Executive Officer

Julia Heitling

In her free time Julia loves to rock on concerts. One of her special highlights was a Bon Jovi acoustic concert in a small club in North Carolina, USA.

Assistant to the Management

Lisa Paul

Lisa's passion is yoga in any form, because it brings body, mind and soul in harmony. As certified laugther yoga trainer she teaches how daily laughing supports to face the challenges of everyday life.

Partner Human Resource Management

Karla Rethmann

Karla’s passion is dancing. Music plays an important role in dancing; it combines strength, flexibility, body tension and emotion.

Head of Facility Management

Anja Brors

Anja loves the view through the lens. It may have started as a hobby, but it has become increasingly professional through her devotion. Yet, family photography still remains her greatest passion.

Portfolio Manager

Vanessa Ennen

Vanessa has been playing handball with great passion since she was six. The cohesion and the fun in the team before, during and after the game are a real asset.

Finance & Controlling

Roland Hutton

Even after a long day at work, Roland likes to spend some time in the kitchen. From the Caribbean pelao to the vegan cottage pie, everything is in his repertoire.

Sales and customer support